About Us.

Paws 4 Training offer many classes suitable for puppies from when they are fully vaccinated to older dogs. All our training is reward based and we encourage clicker training in all of our classes.

Naomi Farrow, Paws 4 Training is an ADTB qualified dog trainer with over 8 years experience offering professional Dog Training in South Norfolk. She lives in Hempnall with her husband Rob and their daughter Paige and their three black Labradors; Harley 11 years, Phoenix 8 years and Bumble Bee 3 years.

Harley was her first dog and was her reason for setting up Paws 4 Training. He had an horrific start to his life and through training she has built up Harley’s trust in people to ensure he feels safe and now has a fantastic life with his two “brothers” and best friends Phoenix and Bumble.

Naomi brought Phoenix home at 9 weeks of age. Phoenix has helped Harley to build up his confidence and they are best of friends. Phoenix is very laid back and is excellent with other dogs. He is sometimes used in puppy classes to get the puppies accustomed to an older dog or he is used as a “stooge dog” for 1-2-1 training for dogs that need the influence of a calm dog.

Bumble Bee joined the family in November of 2014, he was 17 weeks. He was rehomed from another family and very quickly adapted to being in a multi-dog household, Harley is Bumble’s shadow and follows him everywhere. Naomi is using Bumble to develop her training skills so these can be used within the training classes. They have attended clicker gun dog training classes and Bumble also has been doing agility for two years and has been doing flyball training for the last year.

Vicki Utting joined our team in November 2014 assisting Naomi with the Puppy Life Skills training classes.  Vicki obtained the ADTB Instructors qualification in 2015.  Vicki teaches alongside Naomi in the Puppy Training classes and also teaches bronze and silver obedience courses and assists with the gold classes and the training workshops. Vicki has gained experience with many breeds during her time teaching at Paws 4 Training and has a great rapport with clients and their dogs. Vicki is a fantastic asset to my business. Vicki has two Springer Spaniels, Marley 3 years and Lacey  2 years.

All of our training classes are held at our Training Centre in Hempnall, South Norfolk which is approximately 10 miles from Norwich. This is an excellent facility for all our training classes. We can also use this facility for 1-2-1 training. (Please see our contacts page for a map of our location). We have a soft flooring in our training centre which is an ideal non slip surface. We have plenty of parking, a spectators area, kitchen and toilet facilities. We are also wheelchair friendly.

We have a shop where you can buy handmade leads, collars, harnesses and various other products which you may find helpful whilst training your puppy or dog.  We offer a made to measure service for our harnesses; visit our online shop to browse our products and to place an order.

We have classes that suit all levels including puppy training, bronze, silver, gold and rally obedience courses. Fun agility classes. We can also offer 1-2-1 training for general training and puppy consultations on request.

To find out more information about each of our classes and to register click on the classes page and select the service you are looking for. There is information on each course with regards to start dates, times and cost and what we cover in each course.

To register please complete the brief online booking form on the page of the class you are interested in. We will respond to your booking requests between our business hours Monday –  Friday 9am – 5pm.

Payment is required in advance by bank transfer to guarantee your place.  We do not accept cheques for any of our services.

You are always welcome to come and watch what we do prior to booking, please contact us to arrange a convenient time.

From time to time we are able to offer work experience. Please email info@paws4training.net if you are interested in gaining knowledge and experience in dog training.

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