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Dog Fun Day – 8th September 2013

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

  • Cutest Cross Breed
  • 1st Place Sam with Kali, Cocker x Cavalier, aged 3
    2nd Place Chloe with Bella, Yorkie cross Jack Russell aged 3
    3rd Place Linda Dugdale with Lilly, a Lurcher cross aged 13 years old
  • Prettiest Bitch
  • 1st Place Chloe with Bella, Yorkie cross Jack Russell aged 3
    2nd Place Lucy with Daisy, Cocker Spaniel aged 18 months
    3rd Place Elliot Aldous, Daisy, Lhasa Apso aged 8 years old
  • Most Handsome Dog
  • 1st Place Sara with Dexter, Rhodesian Ridgeback aged 2 years old
    2nd Place Aaron with Simba, Boxer aged 2 years old
    3rd Place Kyle with Bruno, Dacshund aged 6 years old
  • Best Rescue
  • 1st Place Kate with Murphy, Pomeranian aged 10 years old
    2nd Place Julian Foster with Tilly, Parson Jack Russell aged 7 years
    3rd Place Lawrence Daniels with Elliot, Pointer cross Labrador aged 5 years old
  • Golden Oldie
  • 1st Place Ann Barnes, Mitsy Labrador aged 13 years old
    2nd Place Phillip with Jake Westie cross Jack Russell, aged 8 years old
    3rd Place Alison with Lola cocker cross Cavalier aged 7 years
  • Most Appealing Eyes
  • 1st Place Sarah Fincham with Dizzy Dora, Tibetan Terrier cross American Cocker Spaniel aged 4 years old
    2nd Place Claire with Maisie, Yorkshire cross Lhasa Apso, 8 months old
    3rd Place - Kate Rossetti with Buddy, Cavapoo aged 4 months

What a fantastic day we had at our first dog fun day that was held at our Training Centre, Road Green Farm in Hempnall.  We were overwhelmed by the number of people and dogs that turned up for the day.  We had stalls which included Phoenix Cards with Lisa Richardson, Reclaim that Style with Val Hanna, a tombolla, raffle and guess the name of the dog.

The fun dog show was a huge hit and we had lots of fun judging – If I had had more rosettes all the dogs who enterred would have received one but sadly I had tough decisions to make!

We were fortunate that the weather was kind to us and a passing Ice Cream van stopped and pulled in – I believe he had a great few hours of sales and many thanks for your kind donation Marco Rossi.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the help from Emily Nudd, who very kindly got the information about our event into the EDP, the Diss Express and the Diss Mercury.  We are still overwhelmed by the number of people who showed their support.

Thanks also go to Rob’s mum and dad, Linda and Bernie Farrow who without their help, support and superb organising skills I just couldn’t have coped.  To my mum Nichola Patterson for the delicious cakes you made.  To all the other keen bakers who very kindly spent their time and baked beautiful cakes and cheese “dogs”  to sell on our stall.  Also to Becca and Emma for running the tea and cake stall!  To Jess for registerring everyone in to the have-a-go agility, have-a-go pet dog rally obedience and the fun dog show.

Also a big thanks to my superb team of demonstrators:  Wendy and Maezee, Sue and Lucy, Gill and Flora, Karen and Lily, Elaine and Charlie and Val and Doozhal.

There are many others who had a part in helping on the day and before hand  so thank you to you!

And finally not forgetting my husband Rob who without his help none of the events Paws 4 Training attends would be possible.  For making equipment and signs, for setting up courses moving agility equipment about running people round the courses and everything else that you do to ensure the smooth running and success of our events.

We really hope you all enjoyed yourselves and hope to see you all again very soon.


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